2 Current event Sites Newsela & Newsmap

If you like to use current events in your class or just for yourself, I have 2 sites that I think you will find interesting and beneficial to your class.

Newsela and Newsmap

Newsela is a site that makes it easy for an entire class to read the same content, but at a level that’s just right for each student. Each article that the site has can be set at different reading levels. There is a free version and a Pro. The free version requires you to sign up and you will get an occasional email but is well worth it. I have seen teachers use this for developing writing skills. For example: start with the lower level and then have the students rewrite the article and then compare it to one of the higher level versions.

Newsmap - I think this site is very cool. It does load a little slower than some sites (it is located in Japan).  I think this site is great for any class that is looking at current events around the world. What this site does is when you load the main page, it creates a colorful grid of articles. The larger the article's representation on the page, the more popular the article is in the selected country. Here is the truly cool part - You can select different countries (across the top) and topics (across the bottom right). Because it sees your computer as coming from US it will default to US. But lets say that you wanted to see what were the big stories in Canada  or Spain. Just check those boxes and then you will see stories from the selected country are and what interest it may have. When a significant event occurs somewhere on the planet this is a great way to see how other countries view the event. This is also a great web site for Foreign Language teachers.

Bonus Tip: Google Translate
Do not forget that you can always use Google Translate to translate  a website that is in a foreign language  into English or any other language that you like.