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Calendar SMS Setup

Below are the instructions for setting up your Google Apps for Education calendar to send SMS text reminder messages to your phone. (Charges may apply)

When logged into your GAFE account,

>Click on the Calendar on the app bar at the top of your browser to go to the calendar app.
>Click on the Settings Gear Icon near the top right and then choose settings
>Click on Mobile Setup
>To enable Phone settings, fill out the information

Once you have filled out the information requested, Google will send you a text message with the code that you need to enter to verify your account. That number will be in the body of the text. At the same place you did the above, enter the code in the Verification area and then click finish setup.

To use these notifications:
Whenever you create an event, if you select the edit event link - scroll down the page until you find reminders and then click add reminder and hit the down arrow where is says Pop-Up and choose SMS and set the time of how long before the event you want a text and Google will send you a reminder about the event to your phone.