Going to Google- What to Expect

I am confident that our move to Google Apps will help you become more efficent and help you to do what you do best - Teach. There will be some things that you will need to look at in a different way and some terminology will change.  We will are working to make this transition as smooth as possible

Chrome Browser

At the present time, we have found that the Chrome Browser works best for working with Google Apps. Firefox and Internet Explorer will work, but not as fast or have all of the features. iPad and Android devices will work well with Google Apps too!

What do I need to do now!
As of right now, nothing. You will get more information as that is all developed. I might suggest that you create your own google account and start playing with the services. This account will not be able to be transferred to our system, but you can bring docuements you create in your personal account to school account at anytime.

When is this going to happen? 

We hope to do the change over on June 29 and then complete over the weekend. This will give us some time in case there are any issues that we need to resolve


You email address will remain the same and we are planning on transferring your old messages to the new system if requested. Some of you may just want to start with a clean slate. At the present time calendar and address books will not be transferred. We are looking to see if there is a way to get this to happen. We are working to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

Usernames and Passwords

We expect that these will be the same. 

Where do I log in?

This detail is being worked out. Please check back later


This is the "Flagship" feature of Google Apps for Education. Imagine a way for your team at school to work on a document, even at the same time,  and from different locations. As a teacher you are able to share an assignment with students and they are able to complete it online and then turn it in the same way.   I feel that this will really make a strong impact on the teaching in the CCSS school enviroment. You can also create websites such as this one very easily and create online class journal for review and reinforcement of your teaching. For more ideas on this check out our Google Resources a Bunches page.

Help and Training

We are working very hard to get together as much training material as possible for our transition. There will be sessions during our tech day in-service and online resources. One of the primary goals of this training will be to help you as the teacher develop lesson plans that will impact your students in positive ways.