Convert Your Current Documents to Google Drive Documents

Problem: I have 1000s of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files- How can I use these in Google Docs so I can share them easily with my students or other staff members , foster collaboration,  and have access to them anywhere and anytime?

Solution:Today’s Tips is very straight forward and the accompanying video is very short. Google makes it very easy to take documents you have  (Microsoft Office) and convert them into Google. This works for Excel, Word and Powerpoint. Depending on the complexity of the original document, most everything will get converted properly. It is possible that you might need to do a few edits, especially if you have selected uncommon fonts for your document. Note that Google cannot convert files bigger than 50mb.
Once uploaded to Google Drive you can tap into the power of Google Drive sharing(an upcoming tip), access anywhere and from almost any device .
Please note that the original file is not touched so you have nothing to lose. Plus, it is easy to take a Google Doc and convert it back into an Office Document or PDF if the need arises. (Demonstrated at the end of the Video)

Click here for a short Video demonstration

Items covered in the video are listed below

To convert docs into a Google Doc format:
1 - Make sure under your settings while in Drive that you have have checked  Convert uploaded fields to Google Docs editor format (click on the Gear, then Settings and then check the box)
2 - Navigate to the folder that you want to upload your documents to 
3 - Drag and Drop - That is all there is to it,

You can also select the New button, then click file to upload a single file or folder to upload a whole folder. When you click, you will be given a Browse window so you can navigate to the files that you would like to convert.  
When any file is open, you can click on the File on the Menu, then go to Download as and then select the format that you want to download your Google Doc.