Creating Documents in Google Drive

Today’s tip is one that I sincerely hope you will explore as soon as possible and may be one of the most important tip of the series . I have spoken to several people over the past week that have stated that they have not tried Google Drive (same as Google Docs - they have just changed the name) because they were unfamiliar with it.  Google Drive is set up to be a very easy and efficient way to create documents (Word type, spreadsheets, presentation, etc). You can access from anywhere that has an internet connection, from  mobile devices. It is  free for everyone and does not take a powerful computer. Not only is it great for school, but if you have a personal Gmail account, you can use it to work with family members on gatherings and other events.

What makes it different from office is that you use your internet browser (Chrome or Firefox works best) to access and create your documents. The one major difference that you will see when you work inside Google Drive is that you do not need to save your document. It does that as you work. Most everything else is very similar to what you are used to while working with Microsoft products.

One of the other benefits besides being online and accessible  is that documents can be shared very easily. Have you ever used a PDF document online for a syllabus, gone through the steps of uploading to somewhere for people to access and then realized there was a typo and you had to go through all those steps again? Well, if you use Google Drive you would never have to go through that again. You can share a document with students or parents and just give them view rights. If the document needs to be updated, all you would need to do is go to Google Drive and update your document then it is automagically updated for everyone that you have shared the document.

The video that is linked below covers creating a document in Google Drive.  Regular Google Drive users still  may find something new (equation editor for math for instance) in the video. I also challenge the Regular Google Drive users to share with your fellow teachers some of the benefits of using Google Drive. (By the way, all of the videos that I have been sharing with you are stored in Google Drive).

For a short video tutorial on how to create Google Drive Documents, check out the video below -

For more information on

the benefits (even for you experts out there) and how to use Google drive click the link below

Note: When looki

ng at Youtube videos look at the date of when the video was created - The new drive has been out pretty much this school year. Anything older may have outdated information. It is always a good idea to look for the most recent.

Give Google Drive a try! - You will not break the internet - or at least I do not think so!

Remember that you can change the playback speed of a video by clicking on the gear and choosing playback speed.