Draft Folder in your CCSS Mail (Gmail)

I hope that this tip is one of those "I never thought of that" type tips.

Google Drafts Folder

Every time you start an email in CCSS Mail, Google puts that email in a Drafts folder. It will stay there until you send it or discard it. They primary reason for this is if for any reason during the writing of you email you lose connectivity, then you do not lose any work.

To get to your draft folder, look on the left side of your mail window under the red compose button and search down until you find Drafts.The advanced way would be to type in:draft in your search in your mail. Open that folder. If you see a lot of messages that have nothing in them that means that you more than likely started an email and then just closed the window. To keep that from happening when you open a Compose window and decide that you are not going to send a message at that time and do not want to keep anything then click on the  delete icon located on the bottom right of the compose window. To make the most of the few tips I have below, it would be a good idea to discard the messages that you do not want to keep in your Drafts folder. 

Now a few " I did not think of that" tips

1 - Use your Draft Box to keep emails that you need to frequently send. I use the Draft folder to keep messages that I send a lot or have to repeat but need to have details a little different. I open up the draft Folder and copy the text and paste it in a new compose window and complete my message. This way I always have it close by

2 - Use it for what is is - Drafting - I use it all the time to write an email that I am going to send in a few days (like say this tip) and hold it so I do not have to do it all at once.

3 - If you have a smart phone or mobile device with dictation you can use it for Voice dictation. Open up Gmail on the device and start composing an email using voice dictation. Then when you have finished open up Gmail on your computer, go to the Drafts folder and do any editing that may need to be done and then send then email

4 - Send a picture from your phone/mobile device - Opposite of tip 3, use your computer to write the draft email and then go to your mobile device and open up the Gmail app, find the message in the Draft and attach your picture from the mobile device to that email. There is no need to move the picture from the Phone/mobile device to the computer. 

One thing I typically do - Do not include the address until your are ready to send. By doing this you will not have misfires.

I am sure you can think of more things to do with the Drafts Folder with Gmail.