Force Make a Copy when Sharing Google Docs

A couple of tips ago I covered how to Share a Google Doc. Sometimes you want to share a doc and use it like a template or a worksheet for your students. You tell your students or staff that they should make a copy first and rename before they use that doc. Well, someone forgets and starts to edit that doc before they remember to make a copy. No worries, you can always go to the revision history in a doc and get it back the way it was, but that still takes a few steps steps.

Fortunately, with Google Docs, you can force a person that you have shared a doc with to make a copy before they use it. It is not a button or check box that allows this but changing the URL ever so slightly.  

Below is a url to a  document that I have created. It is a recipe  for what I call Chicken Thumbs (Paula Deens Sweet Chicken Bacon Wraps.) I have shared it with you and I do not want to give you edit rights but I do want you to make a copy very easily and edit it however you like. 
Here is the text for the link

In order to force someone to make a copy of this document you would delete everything after the last slash (/) where is says edit in the URL above and then replace it with the word copy.

So starting at the end of the URL would would delete the following:

edit?usp=sharing  (Note that sometimes only the word "edit" is there are not the other stuff)

and then replace it with copy so your final URL would look like this

Click on the above link to make a copy of the Chicken Thumb recipe (it is very good by the way)

It is actually easier than it sounds. Please watch the video below. It is only 1:21 in length