Getting Around Chome

Shortcuts and Navigation Keys

Start using some of these shortcuts to really become a Chrome Ninja! (Firefox and IE use some of these as well)

Ctrl+L = Instantly takes you to the address bar
Ctrl-N = Opens a new Chrome window
Ctrl-H = Opens History
Ctrl-J = Opens your Download Menu (never lose a file again)
Ctrl-F = Opens Search
Ctrl-D= Bookmarks a site
To go to the top or bottom of a page -If you want to quickly jump to the top of a page, press the Home key on your keyboard. If you want to go straight to the bottom, press the End key.

Hold the Ctrl Key down when hitting the back button and you will open the last page in a new Tab but not lose your current page.

Hold the Ctrl Key down while clicking and a link and the link will open in a new page and you will not lose your current page.

Ctrl+T = Opens up a New Tab    |  Ctrl+Shift-T opens up the last tab that was closed | Ctrl-W closes the current tab
To quickly move between Tabs - hold down Ctrl Key and hit the 0-9 number keys to move through the first 9 tabs
You can drag your tabs to put them in any order that you like. 
Drag a Tab out of the line and you will open that Tab in a new window. You can also drag it back into the current browser. 

If you want to use the book mark bar make sure that you go to settings and under Appearance show the bookmark bar.

To add a bookmark to the bar, simply drag the icon of the URL to the bar. 
To make the bookmarks act like icons, right click on the bookmark and then delete the name and all you have left is the Favicon. 
To hide your bookmark bar or bring it back hit Ctrl-Shift-B

You can drag the end of the Address Bar to make it whatever length you want to make room for Extensions.
Pin Tabs to Top - To pin a tab, just right-click on it and choose "Pin Tab".  It will then be on the left of the tabs and be there always when you need it.