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Google has just recently rebranded Google Docs to Google Drive. Google Docs are not part of Google Drive. What's new is that now Google Drive can store all types of files. 

For more information on Google Docs please visit this resource from Google.
For more information about Google Drive please visit this resource 


What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is Google's free suite or productivity tools. You can create text documents (as referenced on this page), presentations, spreadsheets, and forms.

How do I access my Google Documents?

Web address - go to your browser and type - enter your and password.

How do I create a new document in Google Documents?

Click the   button and choose Document

How do I create a new document from a template?

Click the  button and choose From template. Browse template categories on the left side of the page. Click Preview to see a preview of the template or click the Use Template button to select the template.

How do I upload an existing document?

Click the  button and select either Files or Folder (note: the folder option is only available in Google Chrome). After selecting the file(s) or folder to be uploaded, a window will appear to let you know that your files will be converted to work as a Google Document. 
Confirm these settings by clicking thebutton. The document is now converted to a Google Document and will appear in your document list.

How do I give my document a new title?

In the top left corner of the document, click the existing document name one time. In the box that appears type the new title for the document and click OK.

How do I save my work?

That's the best part of having a Google Document! No need to save your work. Your Google Document is saved automatically every time you make a change.

How do I share a document I'm working on?
In the top right corner of the document click the blue
 button.  Type the email address(es) of the person you wish to share your document with in the box provided.   

You can also choose whether your collaborators will be an editor, commenter, or viewer of your Google Document. 

Click the Share & Save button when finished. The person(s) you have shared your document with will now see it as one of their Google Documents.

How do I email a document I'm working on?

Click > File > Email as attachment. Select the type of file you'd like the document to be attached as, type the email address(es) and any message to be included (optional). The subject line of the email is automatically the same as the title of your document. Click > Send.

How do I download a document I'm working on?

While working on a document, click > File > Download as to choose the filetype you'd like to download your document as out of Google Docs. This will not affect your Google Docs copy. It will save an offline copy of the document to the computer.

How do I print a document I'm working on?

Click > File > Print

How do I organize a document into a folder?

Click the  button to the right of your document title in the upper left corner. Select the folder you would like to organize the document in, then click the Apply Changes button.
What do the different icons in Google Docs mean?
The particular icon seen depends on the type of file that is created in Google Docs or stored in Google Drive:


What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is Google's online file storage service. But it's much more than that. Google Drive will store any files that you upload, and it also contains anything created using the Google Docs suite of tools for documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and forms. Google Drive is connected to your LSR7 Google Apps account and allows you to log in and not only access, but edit and share your files from any computer connected to the internet.

What is "The Cloud"?

"The Cloud" refers to any space where files are saved online. Google's "cloud" consists of thousands of computers located all over the world.

Why does it say "Drive" now instead of "Docs" when I log in?

Google Docs is now part of Google Drive. The suite of productivity tools that Google Docs offers is not seamlessly integrated with Google Drive.

How much storage space is in Google Drive?

Google Drive comes with 5 gigabytes of storage space for free.

Do I really have access to my files from anywhere?

Yes, from any computer or device connected to the internet. This can be a Mac, PC, or Google Chromebook; or it could be an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

Is there anything that must be installed on my computer for Google Drive to work?

No. The web version of Google Drive can be accessed from any computer or other device connected to the internet by going to and logging in with your email address and password.
In the bottom left corner of Google Drive you will see a link that says, "Download Google Drive". Clicking that link will give instructions on how to download and install a "My Drive" folder on your computer. Note: This does not need to be done on your district computer but you can install this on your home computer if you wish, however, it is completely optional.

Why would I want to install the "My Drive" folder on my home computer?

When you install the "My Drive" folder to your computer (Mac or PC), it displays all of your folders, Google Docs files, and other files you've uploaded just like any other folder on your computer would. It is always connected to your Google Drive. If you double click a Google Document from within the My Drive folder, it will open in your web browser for editing.
Any changes that are made inside the My Drive folder will be reflected if you return to the web version of Google Drive and vice versa. Everything always stays in sync across all devices.

What do all these different icons mean?

Depending on whether you're using the Google Docs suite of tools, or uploading existing files from your computer to Google Drive, you might see varying icon types next to your files:
Google Docs Icons
Icons for other files uploaded to Google Drive