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Where can I take a tour of the Google Mail Screen?

How do I access Gmail?

Open Google Chrome browser and go to
In the top right corner of the Google home page click > Sign In
Type your district email address (
Note: Your username is the same username used to login to a district computer.
Type your password 
If you are on a district computer uncheck the box next to “Stay signed in”
Click > Sign in
Confirm your login was successful by checking to see that your district email address
is now displayed in the top right corner of your Google homepage

How do I add a signature to my Gmail account?

Click > Gear icon in the right corner and select > Settings
Click > General tab
Look for a Signature section  near the middle of the page and type signature information desired
Click > Save Changes at the bottom of the screen
Signature information will be added to each new message

How do I delete my Gmail messages and conservations?

You can either delete an entire conversation thread or one specific message from a conversation. 
Delete an entire conversation thread
Open the message or select the checkbox next to the message
Click > delete icon 
Message will be deleted and moved to Trash
Delete a single message from a conservation thread
    1.  Open the conversation and find the message to be deleted
    2.  Click > down arrow next to Reply at the top right of the message pane
    3.  Click  > Delete this message
    4.  Message will be deleted and moved to Trash

Items in the Gmail Trash will remain there for  30 days before being permanently deleted

Permanently delete an email
Click > More > Trash
Check the box next to the message you would like to permanently delete
Click > Delete forever

How do I get email out of Trash in Gmail?

Click> Trash, select the message in question
Click > Inbox in the Move to drop-down menu
Message will be moved to Inbox

What is a conversation in Gmail?

How do I view and download attachments in Gmail?

To download an attachment in its original format
Open the message containing an attachment.
Click Download at the bottom of the message.
This will save the attachment to your computer.
To view the attachment without downloading it
Open the message containing an attachment.

Click >View link at the bottom of the message.

When finished viewing the attached file close the new browser window to return to Gmail.

How do I change my Gmail theme?

Click >the Gear icon in the right corner and select >  Themes
Click > Color , HD or Classic theme

How do I compose a message in Gmail?

Click > Compose
Type recipients email address in > To: field
Type in CC field to carbon copy the email to a different recipient
Use the BCC when you want to hide recipients' addresses from others
Enter a subject for your message in the Subject field
Click > in large field to type message
 Click > Send
A verification will be displayed at the top of the window when message is sent

How do I reply to a message in Gmail?

To reply to a message, just click in the box below the message
Or, click the arrow icon in the top right corner of the message received. 
To respond to multiple recipients click > Reply to all
Click > down arrow next to the Reply button
Select > Reply to all. BE VERY CAREFUL HERE - Be sure you do not reply to an all that was sent to everyone in the District!

How do I forward a message or an entire conservation in Gmail?

Forwarding a Message
    1.  Open the appropriate conversation and select the message to be forwarded
    2.  Click > forward link in the box below the message
    3.  Enter the email address or addresses to which the email should be forwarded
          add any additional text to message field
    4.  If the message has attachments, you can choose not to forward them by deselecting the
         checkbox next to the subject field
     5. Click > Send

Forwarding a Conversation
Open the appropriate conversation
Click > More button in the toolbar above your messages
Select > Forward All

How do I attach a file in Gmail?

Click Attach a file under the subject field.

Browse through your files and click the name of the file you'd like to attach.

Click > Open

How do I print a document in Gmail?

Click on the message to be printed
Click the drop down arrow at the right of the screen  
Select options click > Print

How do I print a conservation in Gmail?

Click > conversation to be printed
Click > the printer at the top of the screen and select Print all
Select options  click > Print

Is there an online tutorial that shows me how to send, reply and attach and print 
documents in Gmail?

How do I work with Contacts in Gmail?

What is a label and how do I work with labels in Gmail?

Labels in Gmail are like folders they help you organize your messages into many categories.

What is a task and how do I create and manage Tasks in Gmail?

Tasks are a list of things you need to do

How much space do I have in Gmail and how do I manage my storage space?

Gmail offers 25 GB of free storage

How do I turn off Web Clips?

Click>Gear to go to settings
Click> Mail Settings
Click> Web Clips Tab
Uncheck the Box that says Show My Web Clips

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