Google Apps Video Tutorials

Below you will find short video tutorials that cover many topics of Google Apps for Education. They are broken down into categories. Right Now these are place holders for the videos. A link will appear when the video is ready. 

Use Chrome Browser - Download Chrome You will find that using Google Chrome with services like Gmail and Google Docs just works better. Click on the Download Chrome link to download chrome into your browser. 
Restting IE (if you want to) to Default Browser


CCSS Video Series - Gmail Basic - Read, Compose and Drafts - (Length 5 min 3 sec)This video show you how to open a message, compose a message, reply and about the draft feature in Gmail

CCSS Video Series - Labels and folders (length - 5 min 15 sec) This video explains Labels and folders and how to create them and move messages into folders

CCSS Video Series - 5 Things that you may want to set in Gmail -(length 1 min 26 sec) This covers how to get to your settings,  turn on/off Conversation View, turn off/on Keyboard Shortcuts, location of the signature configuration and vacation rules and how to turn off Web Clips (the little messages at the top of you mail) 

CCSS Video Series - Contacts (length 4 min and 6 sec) This video covers the basics of working with contact in your Gmail

CCSS Video Series  Stars and Redbang!-more ways to organize your email - (length 3 min and 8 sec) This video covers how to use the Star and other special characters to organize your email and introduces the Inbox view.

CCSS Video Series - Special Folders - Spam and Trash - This video shows you how to work with and manage these 2 special folders


CCSS Video Series  Calendar Basics  (length 6 min and 17 sec) Covers the basics of the Calendar

CCSS Video Calender Mobile Notifications - (length 1 min 30 sec) How to set up your mobile device to get calendar notifications