Google Cultural Institute- An Incredible Resource

Google does many things and does them well. I am going to have to say that the Google Cultural Institute is one of the best things that Google does for Education. Discover exhibits and collections from museums and archives from around the world. You can explore cultural treasures in extraordinary detail, from hidden gems to masterpieces. The Google Cultural Institute  is broken down into 3 main areas

When clicking on the main headings below you can put in a search term or click explore everything and then refine your search using the menu on the left. To the right of the search bar you can use the menu items listed 

Art Project - Discover diverse art collections from around the world. A new feature is that you can now save your own Gallery and you can drag pictures to save for easy reference.

Historic Moments - Explore online exhibitions detailing the stores behind significant moments in human history

World Wonders - This area brings modern and ancient world heritage sites online using Street View and other Google technologies. 

Put these all together and you have an incredible resource. I am glad that I am able to share this with you at this time in the year. There is so much information here, it will take you a little time to see what the Google Cultural Institute has to offer. 

Here is my suggestion - Think about the topics that you cover during the year that you would like to have more impact and make more memorable for your students. Look into the  Google Cultural Institute to see what it can bring to enhance your classroom.

Here is the Take a tour Link  (It will take you to a topic and then you need to click the Take a Tour link at top - this will show you the menu items)
Watch a video about Google Cultural Institute 

Please note that not all art is appropriate for all ages. 

Here is an example of something I found

Art Gallery 

Anybody every study ancient Egypt - Here is a link to a search query. Click on one of the art examples that interests you and see how much detail you can see. You can either use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom or use the little slider on the box that shows up on the right. when you move your mouse over the picture. Incredible!

How about a famous Painting -  Zoom into see the detail. The detail is remarkable!

Historic Moments

How about the NASA Apollo program

 World Wonders

Taj Mahal - Not only can you look at historic Photos but even do Street Views. 

It will take a little exploring to find and get comfortable with the interface. What a great resource- do not let it go unused in you classroom next year.