Google Drive

First of all, let me define Future Ready(I am glad some of you asked) - It is an idea that we as a school system provide the experiences and skills needed for our students when they graduate from our system to be successful in this modern world. This includes but not limited to communication skills, collaboration skills, problem solving and technical skills. We as a school system are working together to transform teaching and learning using the power of technology and other methods to help drive continuous improvement and protect student privacy and teach student to become responsible, engaged and contributing digital citizens.

Now to the tip,

The New Google Drive,

In today’s tip, I have produced a short video demonstration of the New Google Drive. Google is in the process of moving everyone to the new Google drive. It is possible that some of you have not moved over to the new drive. . All future training will be based off of the new drive. It is my hope that if you have not yet given Google Drive a try that you invest some time experimenting with it. Once you give it a try, I think you will easily see the benefits it has to offer. There will be several tips on Google Drive (docs, same thing) over the next few weeks and I hope these tips will take some of the mystery away from using Google Drive. One of the major benefits of Google Drive is that you have access to your documents from school, home and even your phone or other mobile devices. You can EASILY share documents with others and when using Google Drive, you can create websites that automagically update themselves (later tip). Please click below for a very short introduction video to the new Google Drive.

Google Drive Introductory Tour (about 4 minutes)

If you would like further information:

Official Google Drive Video and information

Goes into some of the mobile options as well.