Google Drive Sharing

The ability to be able to share Google Drive documents is, in my opinion, one of the strongest aspects of Google Drive. This is one a basic skills that one using Google Drive should understand.  You can share with individuals, groups (such as all of the staff at a school, or a class of students) and or anybody that has the link.

To see sharing in action with the New Google Drive (and the changes from the old drive), please watch the short video below that explains how to share and a description of the different  options available to you:

How to manage sharing in the New Google Drive

Notes from the video can be found below:

The sharing  link has these options:

Anybody at with the link - This means that anybody that you share the link with can see it, as long as they are logged into their account, but it does not show up in search results.

Anybody at can find - If somebody is logged into a account they can find the document if it meets the user’s search term when searching drive

Anybody with the link - Anybody that has then link can find the document but it does not show up in search results when searching inside of Drive.

Anybody - This means that anybody can find it using Google. This does not necessarily mean it shows up at the top of anybody’s search result.

There are 3 levels of permissions

View Rights - A user can only view the document (they can make a copy of the docuement)

Comment Rights - The user can add comments (is not an option when just sharing a folder)

Edit Rights - The user can edit the document.


You can also share a folder using Google Drive as well. This way, all of the documents in that folder inherit the rights of the folder.

Happy Sharing!