Google Forms

For more information on Google Forms please visit this resource from Google.

How do I create a new Google form?

Login to Google and choose > Docs
Click > Create
Choose > Form from the drop-down menu
A new form will open
Google Docs automatically saves the spreadsheet periodically

What kinds of questions can I ask on my Google form?

There are 7 different types of questions on a Google form:
Text – short answer
Paragraph text – longer answer
Multiple choice – one answer choice from a list
Checkboxes – check all that apply
Choose from a list – choose one answer from the list of choices
Scale – choose from a rating scale
Grid – choose from a grid scale

How do I add a theme to a Google form?

Click > Theme: Plain button
The Theme Gallery will open
Choose from several pages of themes
Click > a theme to preview with your form
If you like the theme, click > Apply.  If you do not want the theme, click > Cancel.
If you no longer want to apply a theme, click > Back to editing  

How can I preview a Google form?

At the very bottom of your Google form is a black border.  In the black border is the text:  You can view the published form here:  Followed by a hyperlink.  This is the hyperlink to your form.  Click here to view the form.  This is how a user will view the form and this is the link user will use to access the form.  

How do I open a Google form to collect responses?

When the form is in edit mode, there is gray header at the top of the form.  Check or uncheck the choices desired.  Note:  If you are sending the form to anyone without a account (such as parents), no boxes should have any checkmarks.
Click > Save to save changes (if Google has not saved automatically already)
Copy the hyperlink located in the bottom black border of the form.  (This will be the hyperlink to paste in an email, in Blackboard, or on a web page for others to access the form/survey.)
Close the form to return to view the form in spreadsheet mode.
Click > Share button in the top right corner.  This opens the Sharing settings window.
By default, the document is private.  
Click > Change
The sharing settings will appear:
Public on the web
Anyone with the link only
People at with a link
Private (to keep it private or change back to private)
Depending on the option above depends if you  will get the choice for other to edit the form.  Answer according to your needs. (Usually creators do not want others to edit the form.)

How do I view the responses collected in my Google Form?

Open Google Docs > select and open the form
By default, it will open in a spreadsheet view.  Here you will see your results.  

How do I edit a Google Form?

Open Google Docs > select and open the form
By default, it will open in a spreadsheet view.  Here you will see your results. 
Click > Form > Edit form to return to editing the form

Can I have a self grading form?

You bet. Go to the Fulbaroo website for instructions on how to create a self grading quiz using Google Forms.