Google Forms Tips A - Getting Started

I have heard it said that Google Forms is one of the greatest tools that a teacher has at his or her disposal and that is why I am dedicating this whole week to Google Forms. At the end of these 5 tips, you will have a solid foundation on how Google Forms and how you can use it in your classroom (and private life for that matter.) 

Google Forms can:

Collect and analyze data

Be used for Quick exit exams

Self Grading Tests


Instead of using cards to collect information from your students (name, address, parent names, favorite food, etc) at the beginning of the year use a Google form. You will then have all of the data in a spreadsheet for easy access and the student gets a chance to develop computer skills. You could either take the students to the lab or set up your classroom computers to have students rotate to fill out the information. 

Signs Ups - for instance: Parent Volunteers 

Collecting of data that can then be used for class and even combined with Google Maps

did I say Self Grading Tests!

Google forms works great with BYO technology (Bring Your Own) or rotating students in and out of a classroom computer stations. 

Because Google Forms has become such a great tool, many people have created add-ons that add a wide variety of functions.  

Check out the video below to begin your trek to becoming a Google Froms Master!

Google Form Introduction  - How to Create a Simple form and Connect it to a Google Sheet

If you are looking for some more ideas on how to use Google Forms check out the link below- it has over 81 ideas.  The tips that we will cover this week will help you master Google Forms so you can come up with even more ideas.

81+ Uses for Google Forms in the Classroom