Google Keep

Google Keep

Here is your first CCSS Tech Tip that is very easy to use and has a very high return value. You have with your CCSS Mail (Gmail) account a wonderfully awesome tool for you (how is that for an endorsement) and your students and it is called Google Keep. If you are logged into your account, just go to

You can think of it as digital Post-It notes, shopping list, notes that you take at a meeting (or your students use to take notes during class), instructions, lesson plans, most anything that you can think of. They can be shared, color coded, etc.

If you have an android phone there  is a Google Keep app that gives you instant access which is very handy. If you are on iOS, you can use the Safari Browser. You can create a shortcut on your home screen that will take you straight to Google Keep. (You can Google how to make a shortcut on iOS home screen.)  Apple does have a GoKeep for Google Keep App (free but with lots of ads) and a GoKeep+ for Google Keep (1.99).  

A Little More…..

If you would like something a little more robust you may be interested in Evernote which has been the go to note keeping service on the web for many years. I have used it for many of those. Click here to go to the Evernote site. If you would like some tips and resources for Evernote, click here or here.

It is my wish that this tip is helpful and be looking for more in the future