Google Resources a Bunches

You have come to the right place to find some great online training for our Google Apps for Education environment. We are right now in the process of working on getting the infrastructure set up so we are not quite ready to post the training videos. However, I have placed a few web resources and videos here to give you some ideas and inspiration on how you might incorporate GAFE in your curriculum. Later on we will have "nugget" size videos but these videos are great for really getting to know these different apps.

One of the Best - Google Documents (Apps) for Teachers - What teachers need to know to get started using Google Documents in the Classroom

Gmail Resource - This is a fun site with lots of resources on tips to become a Gmail Ninja

Website Resource - Cybrary Man's Educational Web Sites - This page has over 30 great links to the best Google Doc resources on the web. This may be the only link you need. You may want to check out the rest of his site as well. There are many other topics covered.

Website Resource - 50 little know ways Google Docs can help in Education - A site that has many tips and ideas of how one can use Google Docs in the classroom. This would be a great site to explore to start seeing some of the potential that Google Apps for Education has. 

Website Resouce - Google Doc Lesson Plans - Here are a few lesson plans  to help you get started thinking about how to use GAFE.

The Videos below are Google Apps for Education Professional Development Webinars and sponsored by Google. These are great sessions that really dive into Google Apps for Education.

Video -32 Ways to Use Google in the Classroom - a great hour long recording of a webinar that really goes into how you can use Google Docs in the Classroom

Video -Using Forms in Google Docs -  a 47 minute recording of a webinar  on using forms in Google Docs. They can be used in many different ways. A great way to move towards a paperless class room.  

Video- Become a Chrome Ninja - An online video session sharing shortcuts, extensions and great apps for education. This would be great to watch to get the most out of Chrome.

Video - (Youtube) Setting Up a Google Classroom Here is a great step by step video on how to set up a classroom so you can share docs with your students and they can then share with you.

A Whole Conference online with more than just Google - Google On Air Conference

Another online conference PD in Your PJs - Watch over 25 sessions talking about becoming a Gmail or a Chrome Ninja to using Google forms for everything. 

More Resources:
100+ Google Tricks for Teachers                                Lots of tips and tricks for everything from searching to Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar
32 Ways to Use Google Apps in Classrooms and SchoolsPresentation slides from Google Apps for Education team
20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web Free eBook from Google about internet basics and importance of internet safety
Become a Gmail NinjaGreat resource to share with students: Tips and tricks to save time and increase productivity in Gmail
Google Apps for Digital Storytelling Projects (webinar)From the Google Apps YouTube channel (on
Google Custom SearchCreated a customized search experience for your students
Google Lesson Plan SearchSearch for lesson plans that use Google Apps for Education (Docs, Sites, and Calendar)
Integrating Google Tools 4 TeachersResources for multiple Google Apps

Google Calendar
Google Calendar in the Classroom Crib Sheet Tips and instructional ideas for using Google Calendar in the classroom
Google Calendar for Lesson Planning Tutorial video
Google Calendar Interactive Tutorial Learn the basics of Google Calendar
How to use Appointment Slots in Google Calendar Instructions for using this feature of Google Calendar
Google Calendar Tutorial Videos Google Calendar playlist from the GoogleApps YouTube Channel - Lots of different topics

Google Docs
36 Interesting Ways to use Google Docs in the Classroom Many ideas for classroom use
Comment Only Access in Google Docs How to enable comment only access when sharing a Google Doc
Google Docs Discussions for Hybrid Learning 
Google Docs in the Classroom Cirb Sheet Tips and instructional ideas for using Google Docs in the classroom
 Google Docs Interactive Tutorial Google Presentation
Introducing Google Docs to Your Class: Tips for introducing online collaboration to students Part one of a three part blog post series on using Google Docs with students
Teach Collaborative Revision with Google Docs Student friendly tips and techniques for revision
The Classroom Newspaper Google Docs Style Idea and steps for creating a classroom newspaper or newsletter in Google Docs
 Using Google Docs to Create Digital Kits for Student Projects Blog post outlining the process of creating digital content kits for student projects
 Google Docs Overview for Educators Google Presentation

Google Sites
Build a class site with Google Sites  Webinar from the GoogleApps YouTube channel (Youtube video)
Google Sites in the Classroom Crib Sheet Basics, tips, and instructional ideas
Google Sites Interactive Tutorial Learn basics of what Google Sites can do