Google SpreadSheets

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For more information on Google Docs please visit this resource from Google.

How do I create a new Google spreadsheet?

Login to Google and choose > Docs
Click > Create
Choose > Spreadsheet from the drop-down menu
A new spreadsheet will open
Click > Untitled spreadsheet to give the spreadsheet a title
Google Docs automatically saves the spreadsheet periodically

How do I create a Google spreadsheet from a template?

From the main Google Docs screen, click > Create > and scroll to From Template at the bottom of the drop-down menu
Open a new spreadsheet, click > File > New > From Template
The Template Gallery will open
Choose from LSR7 Templates or Public Templates
Narrow the search by choosing document type, category, or by entering a search term
Click > Preview to see a full size preview of the file
Click > Use this template to download the template to your Google Docs account
Save and edit the template for your own use 

How do I export a Google spreadsheet to my laptop and open in Excel?

Open Google Docs > select and open the spreadsheet
Click > File > Download as > Choose the format you want to save your document such as Excel
Click > Save and choose a location on your computer to save this document (Apps D: or H: drive)
You will now have a copy of this spreadsheet saved to your computer in Excel

How do I share a Google spreadsheet?

Open Google Docs > select and open the spreadsheet you want to share
Click > the Share button
This opens the Sharing settings window
By default, the document is private.  Click > Change
The sharing settings will appear:
Public on the web
Anyone with the link only
People at with a link
Private (to keep it private or change back to private)
Depending on the option above depends if you  will get the choice for other to edit the spreadsheet.  Answer according to your needs. 

How to import and convert an existing Excel document into Google spreadsheets?

Open Google Docs
Click > the Upload icon button which is located next to the Create button in the top left corner > Files
Select the files from your computer to upload and click > Open
To convert the document into Google Docs format, leave the checkbox checked for "Convert documents, presentations, and spreadsheets to the corresponding Google Docs formats".  If you uncheck this box, the file will be stored, but you will not be able to edit it.
Click > Start upload to import
Note:  Depending upon how advanced your original document is, the converted version may lose some of its formatting and features.

How do I print a Google spreadsheet?

Open Google Docs > select and open the spreadsheet you want to print
Click > File > Print
The print settings window will open and give you several options.  Click to choose the settings desired.
Click > OK to continue the process
Your document will be converted into a PDF file.  Click > Open
With the PDF open, click > File > Print