Introduction to Google Slides

Google Slides is a simple yet power tool to do presentations. It can be shared and edited by many people so it makes a wonderful tool for a group classroom project. Google Slides makes it easy to add pictures and videos to a presentation. Because Google Slides is online, it can also be easily shared with all your students and parents and if there is an edit that you need to make, everyone gets that update instantly. Google Slides also has a publish to web feature that makes it easy to share with your students. As a teacher, if you create a presentation in Google Slides, then with a few clicks (shared in the video) you can have that presentation serve as a resource for your students. If you have ever used Power Point, then you will find Google Slides very easy to use.

Click below for a short instructional video on Google Slides 

Special Resource:

Slides Carnival is a wonderful site that provides beautiful Templates for Google Sites. I highly encourage you to check it out.