Have you ever wanted to get a quick snapshot of data from your students like “Do you understand the concept that I have been explaining for the past 35 minutes?” The problem is that  you did not have a student response system handy (clickers)?

Well, today do I have great tip for you. Plickers is a powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices. Instead of devices the students hold up special cards that you can print. You use your cell phone or tablet’s camera  to scan the room and collect the data! Yes, you read it correctly! You create an account, download the app (iOS or Andriod) and off you go.

If your mind has just been blown and you would like more information follow the links below.

2 minute video about setting up plickers and using it

5 minute video that walks you through setting up Plickers and some practical ideas

(if you need more info just search Youtube, and remember you can adjust playback speed by clicking on the Gear)

Plicker Main Site

iOS App

Andriod App

Direct Link to the Plicker Cards so  that you can print yourself. There are different options so look and see which option suits your needs best.