Pocket and Education Blogs

Today's tip is a practical tool that will help you gather and organize information from the web and is one of the premier tools that teachers and professionals use on the planet. Right now there are over 17 Million people using this service. 

A word about professionalism - Doctors, Lawyers, Investment Specialist and TEACHERS are professionals. One of the major attributes of a professional is being able to grow and gain knowledge in his or her chosen profession? Teachers should be no different than other professionals. - Have you, as a professional teacher looked at the educational blogs that are meant to improve you as a teacher? These blogs go far beyond technology. Educational blogs can share how challenges are being met with all sorts of students, success stories of different schools and classrooms and what the future may hold.  There are many resources that will help you grow in your profession. I have heard from many teachers that it would be nice to have PD that is designed for the specific needs of each teacher. Those resources are out there - you just have to look. I challenge you to look for information that will help you improve as a teacher.  Pocket is one of those tools that can help you organize all that information. 

Pocket is a free service that allows you to mark a page and put it in your Pocket account. It uses an extension with Chrome and Firefox browser. Your saved material is then presented in a nice Magazine/Pinterest way. It is very simple- You visit a web page and if you think this is a page that you want to keep for a reference click on the extension and it is saved to your Pocketaccount and you can come back later and read the article or save it as a reference. If you put the Pocket app on your mobile device you will have the article right there while you are at the ball field or waiting in a parking lot. I have been known to use Pocket to save a recipe or 2. 

Full instructions are on the site to help you install the extension. 
Click here to go to Pocket and create an account
For instructions on the Browser Extension  - Click Here (Once logged into Pocket)
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For a starter - He is a listing of the TOP 100 Educational Blogs. See what you can find to inspire you!