Short Tour of Google Sheets

There are many great things that can be done with Google Sheets (Google's version of Excel) . It is a very powerful tool and can totally change the way you do many things in your classroom or even at home (whenever you use a spreadsheet that is). 

With Google Sheets you can: 

Use it just like any spreadsheet product (Microsoft Excel) and have access to it anytime - budgets, home planning, etc. 

Use it to set up your Family Get togethers (personal account)

Share it with multiple users for various projects

Keep any kind d of list

Great to use if you are one of those uber -coupon Clipper people 

Use it to have parents sign up for different classroom projects, bringing items, etc. (Great for elementary classroom)

Plot and Graph different data

Collect Data from students such as surveys, exit exams (that can be self grading) when using Google Forms along with Googe Spreadsheets. 

Because Google Forms is such powerful tool in the classroom, all of next week's tips are going to be devoted to Google Forms. So if you are not familiar with Google Sheets, now is a good time. (It is very similar to other spread sheet products you have used before).

The Video link below is a very basic introduction to Google Sheets (who knows, there may be something in there for those that have used Google Sheets in the Past)

Basic Tour of Google Sheets

If you want to learn more about Google Sheets, try the link below for a Gazillion (plus or minus a few) helpful videos. Remember to look to see how old the videos are because they may have dated material.

Give Sheets a  Try!