The Control F Key (Search

The Control F Key (ctrl-f) shortcut is one of the most useful and time saving computer tricks on the planet, yet I see very few people using it when on a computer.

The ctrl-f key combination is the shortcut for search. 

You can use it on a web page and inside most programs (Word for instance) to locate  text or a term that you are looking for. You can use it as well in Google Docs to find terms very quickly.  

To use ctrl-f just hold the ctrl key, add the f key and then release both. (Similar to the concept of typing a capital letter. (Shift + letter -  let go).

When in a program ctrl-f will usually search the whole document and while on a web page ctrl-f will open a search box and  then you can  search the whole loaded page. 

When you Hit ctrl-f  in a browser a search box will appear. Depending on your browser the  search box will be located top right  for chrome, bottom left for Firefox and  top left for IE). 

Give it a shot now

hit ctrl-F

Find the search box and type in the word catfish

All the "catfish" words should get highlighted. 

This is a great time saver and I would suggest making an effort to get this to become a habit.

The next time you go to a webpage after a Google Search, do not scroll up and down the page looking for you information, hit ctrl-f and search for it. 

I challenge you to use ctrl-f 5 times today as you are on the Web.