Tips to Make Youtube Easier in the Classroom

Sometimes when you are in presenting your computer in front of the class it is more difficult to control your computer than when sitting in front of it. You may be standing to the side of you desk and it may be difficulty to use your mouse. 

In today's tip, I am going to show you some very useful Keyboard Shortcuts when playing videos from Youtube, a couple of playback settings and how to get started using a playlist.  See below the link for the list of shortcuts that were used in the video.  By using these keyboard shortcuts, you can be more in front of your class and still control the videos. 

Check out the video below and become a Youtube playback Ninja!

Jump to the beginning of a video - 0 ON THE NUMERIC KEYPAD
Play/pause when the seek bar is activated - SPACEBAR
Seek back or forward 5 seconds - LEFT OR RIGHT ARROW KEYS
Seek back or forward 10 seconds - CTRL+LEFT OR CTRL+RIGHT ARROW KEYS
Seek to the first or last 10 seconds - HOME OR END KEYS
Increase / decrease volume 5% - UP OR DOWN ARROW KEYS
Seek to the 10% / 90% of the video - NUMBERS 1-9 (MAIN KEYBOARD)
Fullscreen view - F
Exit fullscreen view - ESCAPE
play - ENTER
Mute - M
Restart - R