It is no accident that Twitter is the last tech tip of the year. In my opinion, and countless others, Twitter is the most efficient way for you to gain knowledge about how to improve your teaching, keep up with current trends and know what is going on in your chosen profession.

In today's teaching environment - You need to become a connected educator in some way! 

You CAN have personalized PD - YOU just have to create it and Twitter will make that very easy. 95% of what I now share with you comes from what I learn from Twitter. There are people sharing information all of time - take advantage of their good will.

Below are some major points, but I have included links to more detailed information at the bottom of this tip

1 - You do not need to post or share anything. In fact you do not have to even have a twitter account. You can just go to the twitter search page and search on a term (hashtag).
Here is a link to the Twitter search page looking at the #edchat hashtag which is the most popular hashtag for education. I would be shocked if within the first 20 tweets you did not find something that a least would warrant a click. 

Listing of Popular Hashtags for Education (when at search substitute some of these hashtags)
#edchat, #gafe, #gafesummit, #futureready, #edtech, #spedchat
There are also hashtags for grade level and subject.

2 - If you create an account, then you have the ability to save favorites an follow quality people. 

Below is a  starting list of great people to Follow  - Click on the link below and go to their twitter profile and see what they have to say. If you are logged into your account you can click the follow link in their profile. 

The 4 Steps to begin your Twitter Journey

Step 1 - Go to and create an account. You may want to have 2 - Personal and professional. I do not. I use twitter solely for my professional purposes. 

Step 2 -  Once you log in, follow some of the people that are listed above - Kylepace, rroysedn, lhighfill, web20classroom would be some top ones to start with. The see what people they Retweet or Follow and follow them. To follow use the search bar in twitter and but in the @name then click the follow button

Step 3 - Get the mobile app. Most people get their twitter feeds on mobile. Then while you have a minute or two in a line, waiting at the ball park or wherever,  you can go through your feed and maybe save some favorites and come back to those tweets later when you are on your computer. Then you can go to the link and use Pocker (Moday's Tip) to save that resource. 

Step 4 - Once you get comfortable,  share.

For a much more detailed explanation of how to use Twitter effectively, Twitter Tools, other people to follow and hashtags, check out the links below.

List of People to Follow (listed by subject area)