Videos about Google Docs

Below you will find some great videos to help you understand Google Apps for Education and what it can provide our school system.

Below is a video that explains how Google Docs collaboration works and how it can change the way you look at documents.   

The video below shows what some middle school students feel about Google Apps for Education
Here is a video that has staff  and students talking about how they use GAFE in their School (it is unfortunate that the program chose this frame to be the thumbnail)

A little longer video and more technical video that provides detailed information about the reason Google put together Google Apps. This video talks about how we did things and how things are being done now. There is an interesting note on the beginnings of how electricity was managed in the past.

Here is a portion of a webinar. There is a lot of good  information in this video. To get to the demo part, fast forward about to about 11 minutes in video. This has some great demos.

This video is a training session given by a school that went to GAFE. This has some great information if you want to get a head start on learning how to use GAFE.