Working With Chrome Extensions


Working and Installing Chrome Extensions

A Chrome Extension is a program (not a stand alone app) that works with the Chrome browser to add a feature to either the browser itself - or the content of the browser.  To install an extension, click on the empty tab of your Chrome Browser and then click on Chrome Web Store. Some extensions add features to the browser, others are actually ways to use different web services and you would need an account (all listed here are FREE). Those needing an account will be noted.  Make sure you make it to the bottom of this page where I have saved some of the best! You can manage extensions by clicking on the Settings Wrench. Some extensions even add a right click option. 

You will need to be using the Chrome Browser to install and use these extensions

Enhancements to your Browsing Experience

Too Many Tabs - This extension comes in handy when you have many tabs opened. When you click on the extension icon you will see all of the tabs in a thumbnail view and then you can navigate to the tab you would like.

Tab Expose - Tab Expose helps you manage your tabs in tiles, a.k.a the mac os x expose style. It provides you with thumbnail previews of the tabs you have opened to help you quickly locate the tab you want to switch to or close tabs you dont want.

*SplitScreen* - Opens a new tab and prompts the user for two URL's, then displays both sites on one page. Great for cross-reference studying, working in Google Apps and surfing the web in general! Watch a video, (or wait for it to buffer) while you surf another webpage.

Session Manager - Session Manager is a simple extension that makes it easy to save, update, restore, and remove sets of tabs. Use Case would be: Have a set of Tabs that you have open for First Period and another for 2nd Period - Or doing a presentation and you need the a tab set open- Using Session Manager  you can load up a new set of tabs with just a click!

AppJump App Launcher  and Organizer - This extension allows you to manage your apps into groups and access them without going to last tab. 

SpeakIt - 
Select text you want to read and listen to it. SpeakIt converts text into speech so you no longer need to read. Also works great in the classroom

FastestChrome - Browse Faster - Save time and enhance your productivity! Get quick definitions, auto-load next pages, search faster, and more.

SearchPreview  - This extension adds preview images (thumbnails) to your Google™ search results. See a preview image of every search result before you click.

Search by Image - This extension allows you to initiate a Google search using any image on the web by right clicking the image.

Speed Dial 2 - Speed dial 2 is fast and clean extension for your favorite pages and quick access to your apps, bookmarks and browsing history.

Extensions that Work With Services

Evernote Web ClipperEvernote Snipping Tool - (must have account) Evernote is my most favorite Web Service. These 2 extensions let you interact with your Evernote account by clipping web pages or sections of a webpage directly to Evernote

Awesome Screenshot:Capture & Annotate - Capture the whole page or any portion, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, blur sensitive info, one-click…

Pocket (formerly Read it Later) - (must have an account)This service lets you save a webpage in a magazine style format and lets you read it later. 

LastPass - (must have an account) LastPass is a free online password manager and Form Filler that makes your web browsing easier and more secure. One of the tools that I use most of all in my daily tasks.

Google Extensions - extensions done by Google  or a 3rd party to help you with Google Services

Google Voice - Helps you to manage and use your Google Voice Number  - Make calls, send SMS, preview Inbox, and get notified of new messages.

Google Mail Checker - Displays the number of unread messages in your Google Mail inbox. You can also click the button to open your inbox.

Google Calendar Checker - See your next meetings and the current date on the icon, get desktop event reminders, add events from the popup in month, week or day

Send from Gmail - Makes Gmail your default email application and provides a button to compose a Gmail message to quickly share a link via email

Email this Page - This extension adds an email button to the toolbar which allows you to email the page link using your default mail client or Gmail.

Send to Google Docs - Allows you to upload a pdf version of the current page to your Google Docs using the pdfcrowd service.

Good extensions to use in the Classroom and classroom enhancements

Turn Out the Lights - The entire page will be fading to dark, so you can watch the video as if you were in the cinema.

Language Immersion for Chrome -  (ONE OF MY FAVS) Language Immersion for Chrome is an experimental extension that aims to simulate the experience of being immersed in a foreign language.

Google Translate - This extension translates entire webpages into a language of your choice with one click.

Quickrr Calculator - Quickly perform math calculations in your Chrome using Quickrr graphical interface calculator.
Select between simple and scientific mode. It takes to much effort to push the calculator button on my keyboard!

Google Dictionary - View definitions easily as you browse the web


1-ClickWeather For Chrome - Current weather conditions, maps, and the outlook for the next 24 hours in an easy to scan format from The Weather Channel

SearchPreview adds preview images (thumbnails) to your Google™ search results. See a preview image of every search result before you click.

Chrome to Phone - Send a website to your phone
Phone to Chrome - Send a website to your browser from your And

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