Youtube Channel - Yours and others

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As you are well aware, Youtube is practically an unlimited resource of high quality videos and instructional material. Today's tip will help you to get  a handle on these videos so you and your students can make the most of Youtube.  

At the end of this tip, there is a listing of some of the better Youtube channels for Education. 

Simply speaking, a Youtube Channel is more like a home page for someone that has a Youtube account. Because of your account, you already have the account needed to set up your channel. In your mind, you can substitute the word channel with "homepage".  You can also just bookmark the videos or add them to a document in your Google Drive. You can also look though your history to find the videos that you have watched, but creating a channel means you can always have them ready in a playlist and ready to go for yourself as well as your students. 

You can have a channel for your students and yourself. The benefit of this is that you can curate the content that you would like to have for your class. Once you set up your Youtube channel, you can make playlists which can include the videos that you want but have them in the order that you would like to have them played. You can annotate videos as well as create and edit videos just through the Youtube.  The summer is a great time to explore the potential of Youtube and start getting those videos created or find videos on your Youtube channel. 

I have a link to a great presentation from a Google Edu on  Air Conference that was recorded just a couple of weeks ago by Kyle Pace. It goes through the steps of how to use Youtube as well as what is needed to create a Youtube Channel of your own and how it can benefit you and your classroom.

To see how others have created channels and for GREAT CONTENT, check out some of the Youtube channels below. You will find some great videos form the channels listed below. Click on a link and look around some of these great channels. 

 You can also go to Google and search best educational youtube channels